Wiring for a Brighter Tomorrow Pakistan's Leading Electrical Power System Installation Service

We design effective power systems at GM Enterprises Pakistan. Our dedication to quality in the electrical sector is centered on our Electrical E-energy and Installation service. We guarantee that your electrical power systems will not only be dependable but also specially designed to match your individual needs, thanks to our years of experience and committed team of professionals.

Who Do We Provide To?

Commercial & Institutional

We empower businesses, institutions, and commercial enterprises across Pakistan with top-notch electrical solutions, enhancing productivity and safety.


From new constructions to renovations, we light up homes across Pakistan, making them safe and energy-efficient.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Efficiency and safety are paramount in the industrial sector, and our electrical expertise supports these goals.

Industrial & Commercial

We provide top-notch electrical solutions to organizations, institutions, and commercial enterprises across Pakistan, boosting productivity and safety.

Our Service Includes

  • Customized E-energy Solutions Every project is different, and we customize our E-energy solutions to satisfy your individual needs, ensuring peak performance.
  • Modern Installation For safe and effective installations, our qualified professionals employ the most recent tools and techniques.
  • Electrician Services For a variety of electrical requirements, from installations and repairs to maintenance and troubleshooting, our qualified electricians are at your disposal.
  • Wiring Checkup and Testing With the help of our extensive wire inspection and testing services, you can make sure that your electrical power systems are safe and reliable.
  • M.V. and L.V. Switch Gears Our low- and medium-voltage switchgear solutions optimize power distribution and system dependability.
  • Compliance and Safety We strictly follow safety guidelines and rules, so you may relax.
  • Efficiency Optimization We create systems that are dependable and enhance energy efficiency, saving you money on operating expenses.
  • Dependable Maintenance You can depend on us for routine upkeep to guarantee that your electrical power systems continue to operate properly.

We don't just cool spaces, we create havens of comfort. With a commitment to providing High-Quality Services and a customer-first approach.

We stand ready to transform your indoor environment anytime!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional installation minimizes the likelihood of electrical problems by ensuring safety, regulatory compliance, and optimal system performance.

To offer the best option, we carry out an exhaustive examination while taking into account your needs, your budget, and the safety standards.

Yes, we offer home and business customers electrical wiring and installation services.

We ensure that all installations meet safety standards by adhering to strict safety practices and using high-quality materials.

Depending on the project’s scope, different charges and fees apply. Get in touch with us to receive an estimate that is suited to your particular electrical needs.