Lightning Strikes Fearlessly. We Strike Back! Protecting What Matters Most

GM Enterprises is the undisputed champion when it comes to protecting your home from the erratic fury of lightning. For a decade and a half, we have been directing people toward safety while protecting homes and other structures from the fury of lightning strikes and electric surges. We are ready to provide you with outstanding lightning protection thanks to our team of qualified engineers, specialists, and solution developers.

Who Do We Serve?

Homeowner Seeking Safety

From lovely family houses to opulent estates, residential properties are our area of expertise. Our solutions ensure the safety of your loved ones and priceless things while blending in beautifully with the decor of your house.

Residents of a High-Rise Apartment

When it comes to our commitment to lightning safety, the sky is the limit. We provide specialized protective solutions for high-rise residential complexes, preserving both structural integrity and contemporary aesthetics.

Business Owner or Entrepreneur

Lightning strikes are random and pose a risk to all types of enterprises. From start-ups to well-established organizations, our all-encompassing protection covers commercial enterprises, assuring ongoing operations and safeguarding assets.

Industrial Facility Manager

We are experts in securing industrial buildings, which house priceless machinery, crucial digital infrastructure, and mission-critical systems. You can rely on us to minimize any potential harm and keep things moving.

Administrator of Public Spaces and Structures

We recognize the significance of public safety. Schools, government buildings, and community centers rely on us to deliver reliable lightning protection systems that guarantee the safety of the neighborhood.

Emergency/Exit Lighting

Visibility is vital during an emergency situation's pandemonium. Our exit and emergency lighting systems illuminate walkways and exits to help people find safety when every second counts.

Our Services Include

We provide a wide variety of protection against unforeseen catastrophes like lightning and electrical surges.

  • Lightning Protection Systems To protect people and property, we design, implement, and maintain cutting-edge lightning protection systems.
  • Earthing Solutions With the assistance of our professional solutions, lightning energy is safely grounded, avoiding harm.
  • Surge protection devices We protect your priceless assets by protecting expensive assets from electrical surges.
  • Lightning Arrestors Lightning rods that are expertly installed direct hits away from your home.

Consultation and Evaluation

A comprehensive consultation is the first phase in the process. Our specialists evaluate your specific needs and the distinctive characteristics of your house. To choose the most effective lightning protection method, we consider factors including your location, building design, and the existence of important assets.

Don't wait for the next bolt of lightning to strike! Secure your peace of mind today with GM Enterprises Pakistan.