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Quality control (QC) is defined as repeatedly producing product of consistent quality which meets design and specified standards. Quality is achieved by detection and prevention. It is an integration of daily activities in to a system. QC is achieved through quality control plan (QCP) which focuses on establishment of quality objectives become easy.

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Closely work with our customers in an open collaborative way. We react fast and are flexibly to their changing needs.

Collaborate with our professional expertise, business strategies, team work and creative minds we offer superb services to our valuable customers.

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Normally quality control is the responsibility of producer, supplier and contractor. It is a team work and everyone who is involved is equally responsible. Inspections and tests carried out in QC is much more then quality Assurance (QA) as (QC) covers all tests related to selection of source, equipment etc

Create a culture in which employees understand their responsibilities and feel comfortable raising concerns without any fear.
Committed to promote our culture with a strong focus on ethics, work-life balance and integrity.


The objective of QAP will be to describe the quality program and organization to be implemented so that the test will be carried out accordance with the contract requirement and Industry standards.

  • Describe guidelines for Inspection and documentation of tests activities.
  • Provide reasonable assurance that the  completed work will meet or exceed the requirements of the installed equipments and wiring accordance with specification and standers
  • Describe how any unaccepted changes or condition that could affect the installed equipment and wiring quality will be detected, documented and addressed during tests.
  • Plan, resource and manage the agreed program within quality, safety, budget and schedule requirements.
  • Guidance provided must be honest and right.
  • Provide adequate communication channels in order to ensure transmission of information regarding quality problems to concerned persons.
  • Describe how any unaccepted changes or condition that could affect the installed equipment and wiring
  • Continuous improvement & innovation should be exercised in methods, skills, approach and techniques.


QAP covers health and safety rules relating to QC/QA activities. QC/QA staff must use PPE’s hard cap, safety shoes gloves etc when they are working.

safety, budget and schedule requirements

Engineering controls.

A primary method of hazard control, engineering controls are to be considered before implementing administrative controls or PPE. Examples of engineering controls

 Only to be considered when substitution, engineering, and administrative controls are not feasible, or on an interim basis until other controls are implemented. Examples of personal

Protective equipment include: eye protection; hearing protection, hardhats, safety shoes, gloves,

Protective clothing, safety harnesses, and respirators.

  • Hot or cold environments
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Heavy and or frequent lifting/carrying
  • Exposure to biological waste, molds, pathogens
  • Compressed gases, pressure
  • Welding or thermal cutting haza