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Electrical Testing

  • Telecom system earthing.
  • Earthing of lightning rod .
  • CAT III network earthing.
  • Earthing of multi-storied building and warehouse etc.
  • Earth Pit Resistance.

Electrical testing market includes the services that are used to test or inspect the operating standards of a plant. FMI’s study on electrical testing services includes only the post-commissioning services. These service types are transformer testing, circuit breaker testing, protection testing and battery testing

Electrical test equipment for monitoring the operation of low, high and medium voltage transformers and circuit breakers etc. Such equipment is expensive because of the extreme nature of the equipment they are testing. The test equipment must withstand high voltages, current fluctuations and other critical criteria without affecting test performance. Therefore, this product is made from strong materials and is properly calibrated, which can increase the selling price. These factors are responsible for creating barriers to the growth of the global electrical testing services market.